Short Walk Wines Wine Club

Here is  how it works.

  • The wine is selected based on your preferred flavor profiles. 

(You will be able to select either all red wines, all white or half white/red.)

  • Membership is as follows:
  • Monthly for $50 (automatically charged on the 1st of each month)
  • You may cancel our monthly plan at anytime
  • Prepaid for 3 months for $142.50
  • Prepaid for 6 months for $270.00
  • Prepaid for 1 year for $510.00
  • Wine will be available for pick up in the shop on the 1st day each month. It can be picked up during normal store hours within the first 15 days.

Membership Includes:

  • A combination of bottles totaling $55+ (typically 4 bottles)
  • Special Wine recommendations
  • A free tote bag
  • Invites to special events before the general public
  • A special gift

If you would like to enroll or give the membership as a gift, please click below. 

After completion, you will receive an invoice via email and a profile form to complete to aid in wine selection.

Enroll Here